Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guest Blogger: DPW Breakfast Run Endangers Public Safety?!

Here is another posting from a guest blogger:

Well, since you offered to post our blog reports from around town, here is one for ya.

While getting my coffee at Fanagle the Bagel in ursula Plaza this morning, I had the misfortune to find one of our fine DPW employees ordering his breakfast (pork roll, egg and cheese on a plain bagel with a large coffee) at 8:50 AM.

Sitting at the curb, in the FIRE ZONE, was his truck No. 112, RUNNING with no one else in the truck.

As you may be able to tell from the picture I snapped on my cell phone right before he saw me taking the pic and SPED OFF, there are plenty of spots in the parking lot including the VERY FIRST SPOT in the lot--of course none are quite as convenient as illegally parking in the fire zone out front with your engine running.

I guess DPW has all the money in the world and can afford to leave their trucks running while they enjoy breakfast on city time instead of working.

I wonder if and when this crap will ever end.

I also wonder if the city fathers will ever respond to a post like this. . .

Guess time will tell.


Anonymous said...

LOL - Well I guess the era of the phone camera has final come into its own. I bet you get a lot of pics like this now!

Anonymous said...

I work for the city and can not only report that the LBA Blog is now required reading among the city leadership but also that this particular posting is causing much hushed whispering and finger pointing down on Joline and Branchport Avenues.

Long Branch Advocate said...

Anonymous -

Thanks for your note. It is good to know that our random ramblings are being read by the folks at city hall and among the city's leadership.

We try very hard to do no harm and to offer commentary where it is due but we DO get us some hate mail and threats, too!

Anonymous said...

Tnanks LBA for the excellent blog and kudos to the bloggers for their objective and well-reasoned comments.

Long Branch finally has a blog where issues can be discussed in a civil manner, without a lot of the vicious and politically-motivated comments that used to take away the credibility of other blogs.

City officials - If you are indeed reading this blog, please use it in a constructive manner. There are a lot of perceptive comments here. You would be wise to realize that.

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago I was behind a LBPS pick up truck and they were picking up McDonalds for lunch. I was thinking to myself wonder whose time this is on and how I wished I had a job that gave me a car so I could use their gas to go get my lunch in the middle of the day. Thanks LBA for talking about these issues. Next time I will remember to use my camera phone and send it in.