Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Celebrate your freedom of speech. . .


Lots of great ideas have been submitted for blog topics but we only write when the mood strikes us. . . and when you don't see a post for a few days it is only becuase NONE of us have anything to write about.

SO, feel like blogging about the number of out of state license plates? Send us a posting via email and we will put it up!

Feel like pontificating on why fire prevention cars are allowed to idle outside of the Ocean View Bakery while the city employee grabs lunch? Get it off your chest!

Work for Joe "Mr. Visionary" Ferraina and just can't take it anymore? Now you don't have to!

BUT, if you just love the new fountain at five corners and think we should talk about it, you should write too!

Got a church bazaar you want to publicize, let us know!

Did a secretary at City Hall go out of their way to help you? Tell us so we can honor them!

YOU can be a guest blogger! Drop us an email by clicking here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here's a topic....
How many non citizens send their children to LBPS just to get free pre-school and full day kindergarten and nothing is done about it.

Also, why are LBPS teachers allowed to bring their children to attend the schools for free. Most of them sure don't let their kids go past the free pre-school program that costs how much a kid to fund??? Probably about 7,000 or more per student. Other school districts do not allow this or the teachers have to pay the per pupil price it costs for that district to teach each student. Maybe if their were more strict rules about proving where you live our schools wouldn't be so over crowded!!!!