Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More History in the Making

Well, the Republicans get their turn to convene this week. So far, off to a historic yet rocky and unsettled start. Between not one, not two but FOUR hurricanes to contend with in addition to an unwed pregnant teen and GOP leaders from around the world intentionally skipping their own convention--it has made for the "convention that wasn't."

What is noteworthy from a legitimate perspective however is the guarantee that no matter who wins, we will either have our first African-American President or the Oldest President to assume office and our first Female Vice President.

Just think! If it weren't for Joe Biden, we wouldn't have any run of the mill politicians in the hunt!

Well, maybe "hunt" isn't the word to use. . . Rumor has it Governor Palin is pretty handy in the shotgunning for big game department. Lets just pray her aim and target selection is better than our current Vice President.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Gov. Palin knows better than to hunt moose with a shotgun. If she tried, the moose would win.