Friday, August 1, 2008

Talk about your chickens coming home to roost. . .

According to the Asbury Park Press, Councilman Brian Unger says he is not running for Mayor--at least not "currently" running for Mayor, that is.

Obviously Brian isn't currently running for Mayor. He is clearly eventually running for Mayor. If he wasn't running for Mayor at all he would say, "I am not now, nor will I become, a candidate for the office of Mayor in 2010." But since we all know he is going to run eventually, this APP article begs the question, "Yeah, so?"

On June 2, 2008 the Long Branch Advocate predicted that neither current Mayor Adam Schneider nor Councilman Brian Unger will be Mayor four years from now. No predictions on the election in 2010 mind you (but we don't think either of them will win at this point) but it doesn't matter because it is our prediction that no matter who wins in 2010, neither Schneider nor Unger will be Mayor in 2012.

So if you think this APP article supports our prediction then so be it--we are most assuredly clairvoyant. If you dont think it supports our prediction that is OK with us--we are just simple citizen bloggers. But if you don't think our prediction is accurate, then you just aren't reading your tea leaves properly.

Trust us!


Anonymous said...

Unger seems erratic in temperament and policy stands. Schneider has done a good job but has been mayor for a long time, possibly a change is needed. Hopefully another candidate will emerge.

Anonymous said...

Unger is unpresentable. Schneider is perhaps too presentable. It would be nice if another candidate would come forward--someone with a long record of interest in public affairs and community activism: a conciliator and consensus-builder. Experience in working on the ground level with mniority groups, and a good knowledge of spoken Spanish, would be great additional assets.