Monday, August 11, 2008

Return of the Bagel Blogger: Recreation Edition

Well, it looks like one of our Guest Bloggers has decided that FaNagle the Bagel is the place to be! We have named this Guest Blogger the BAGEL BLOGGER but we are not sure if it is the same blogger who nailed the DPW truck last week. Stay tuned. . .

Their post follows:

Well, LBA fans, while picking up my dry cleaning this morning at Ursula Plaza I noticed the white Department of Recreation van pulled up, filled with blue shirted recreation employees (seasonal I suppose) and then parked in the fire lane, with the engine running. One after another the employees piled out of the van and into FaNagle the Bagel to order their breakfast sandwiches. After 15 minutes, with breakfast now in their individually wrapped brown bags, the crew piled back on board the still running, still illegally parked city-owned and operated van and went on to what, I suppose, was the destination their supervisor THOUGHT they were headed for no less than 15 minutes earlier.

Being more than a little miffed at this gross waste of city resources I decided to follow along and see what the next destination was. I soon learned, after watching the van make an illegal lane change and no less than three turns without signaling, that the desination was Jerry Morgan Park where, while one employee emptied garbage cans, the remainder of the team of seven or more employees proceeded to take up spots around the fieldhouse to devour their Bagle Bounty.

Since I am retired and on a fixed income, I decided to figure out the cost of this little excursion. I figure a dollar for the gas used to get them there, idle and then on the park, at $7.15 an hour I estimated they cost the city $23.24 in salaries alone (probably more with employer taxes, etc). So more than $25.00 of taxpayer money so the recreation staff could enjoy a nice breakfast on the clock.



Anonymous said...

This is insane. I wonder if all these departments within our city really need all of these people employeed. This does have to stop. I think the LBA needs to get their name out there more so more residents know about it and can start blasting LB for all of the wrong doings around town.

They should be looking at ways to save money, build schools with solar energy and start driving fuel efficent cars too.

Long Branch Advocate said...

Let us be clear. The purpose of the Long Branch Advocate is ABSOLUTELY NOT to blast Long Branch--much the opposite. The purpose here is to work for the improvement of Long Branch; to celebrate all that is right with Long Branch and to provide a place for intelligent and or insightful commentary on the life and times of the city.

Having said that, if people find wrongdoing that is preventing the improvement of the city or is exploiting the city for their own selfish needs, then the LBA is home for those discussions as well.

But please, do not mistake our mission or try to make this blog something it is not.

We love the city and hate to see it prevented from achieving its full potential.

Anonymous said...

Dear LBA. I am the poster who commended you and this blog in one of the blogs below. I can understand that you don't want to bash the city. Neither do I. I think there is one person on the city payroll who is in large part a bully, and has played a large part in the unkempt appearance of the city. In my case, it's the southern portion of the city.

This person is the head of the building dept., code enforcement and fire prevention.

I do not know of a single person who has anything good to say about him. As I said above, he is a bully and I know of many people who will not deal with him. They would rather deal with the people working for him, who are quite helpful most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster about management being responsible for city employees. The department heads should be bought to task for all problems. Lets hope this blog helps improve things. The city looks good lately, but more can be done. Each area of the city should have a contact for problems that arise with garbage, unkempt propertires, etc. Seaview Ave is disgusting and traffic is horrible with haphazard parking rules.For many who walk the boards this is the parking area, and it leaves a bad impression. Sweep the street, paint parking lines, and stop parking right up to the cross streets.Just send one employee there once to clean up the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Advocate(s), whoever you are -- take heart. You're not "blasting" Long Branch. I may disagree with some of your opinions, but your heart(s) are in the right place(s). The bagel posting was eminently reasonable and well-intentioned . . . unlike the reported conduct of the City personnel involved.