Friday, August 8, 2008

Joe Ferraina Poll Results

For the last month or so we have asked our readers to reply to a poll on Joe Ferraina. The results:

10% Agree that Joe is a visionary.
77% Believe that Joe should be fired.
3% Believe his salary should be increased
14% Believe his salary decreased.

Thanks for participating and be sure to weigh in on the new poll.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised at these poll numbers? Joe must go. . .Joe must go. . .

Anonymous said...

Do 21 votes a statistically accurate/responsible poll make?

This is a poll of 21 people who know about this blog. What about others. There is also the possible element that the only people who know about this site are people who have particular agendas, or "anti" POV's, or personal dislikes. As one who is often anti-establishment, my experience tells me either of these are often the case.

This pool have seriously questionably results.

Robert said... poll result percentages equal 104%! I guess one could make the jokes about the quality of a Long Branch education, but that would just be a cheap shot. Nonetheless, I'm sure the author of this blog would acknowledge that 21 opinions do not represent a statistical sampling (a sampling of 400 would take you within +/- 3% of any poll result).

Whatever the results of the School Ethics commission investigation yields should be fairly evaluated by the Board of Education and appropriate action taken decisively and quickly.

I know many of the Board of Education members and the personal comments rendered in the press have been irresponsible. Nonetheless, the BoE is accountable to the Long Branch public and they should keep this in mind to not let personal relationships become a factor in their stewardship of public resources.

Long Branch Advocate said...

Thank you, Robert, for your fair point. In the interest of full disclosure, the total equals more than 100% because those voting were free to make more than one choice, thus increasing the total possible.

We also never represented that this was a scientific poll that should be used for developing public policy. However, we do believe it is an excellent representation of the opinions of those who voted.

Anonymous said...

Did everyone catch the article about Wave of Hope (WOH) contributing $24,000 to the Cancer Institute of NJ in this past week's Atlanticville? Just wondering how much money was REALLY raised. As a 501C3a charity (as the paper states), WOH is required BY LAW to mail a statement to its contributors annually, detailing how money was raised, where money was sent to, and how much in general and administrative costs it spends on itself to operate. Since the charity's inception several years ago, WOH has done none of these things. It is Joe Ferraina's personal philanthropic kitty built on the backs of non-tenured and other unsuspecting teachers, a feel-good story to divert the public's attention away from the real problems with the district, as well as JMF's way of systematically destroying the parent-teacher groups' ability to raise funds for the schools and the children, just like he tried and failed to do with the Green & White Association. Also, one blogger stated that the school principals run their schools by fear. Actually, it's known as the Ferraina style of management: "If the teachers like the principal, then the principal isn't doing his/her job. If the teachers hate the principal, then the principal is doing his/her job." It is the dumbest, most idiotic management style ever devised by man or visionary. Over the last couple of years, a few good principals and potential principals have left the district because they dared to buck this management style and instead used compassion and good common sense when dealing with teachers, the kids, and their parents. The high school principals are the chief disciples of this so-called management style. No wonder the high school is in as bad a shape as it is -- a high teacher turnover rate, a breeding ground for gang member wannabees, a facility that does nothing to prepare a majority of its students for life after high school (like college, maybe?!?). It is time to clean house in the Long Branch school district. Are there nine ethical, highly principled people out there in the city who are willing to stand up, run for the school board, and save the children of our city from a life of despair and hopelessness? Or are these children destined for a life in the projects -- the same as their parents and grandparents before them -- because the schools can't educate them enough to stand on their own two feet and leave for the greener pastures known as the middle class?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Fear is the key. To be employed in Long Branch you must be progammed daily to say what you are told to say. Cameras surround you so if you are seen talking for more than 10 seconds, you might be called in.
Wave of Hope? Employees worked diligently for months raising money, and stayed up all night for the Cancer Walk, but who makes the paper? Joe. Walks in for an hour, shakes hands and gets a good night sleep. Many of the employees are dedicated and caring individuals, but if they are not connected and do not behave they will most definitely be punished, ridiculed, transferred. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? How cruel that our young teachers, burdened by student loans, and full of fresh ideas are buried under philosophical rhetoric, and burnt out in a profession they wished to embrace. Times they are a changing, but for this district not in the right direction.