Friday, June 13, 2008

Schneider & Unger: Learn to Work Together Like Grown Ups or Resign

Whether the citizens of the City of Long Branch know it or not, the darkest days of our municipality are upon us at this very moment.

The Asbury Park Press is reporting, and our Director of Public Safety is apparently confirming, that on Tuesday night, the Mayor of the City of Long Branch and one of our five Members of the City Council had to be physically separated in order to prevent a so-called “heated exchange” from escalating into an assault.

This is unavoidably, unequivocally, undeniably unacceptable behavior.

Rather than discuss the many varied reasons why this unacceptable, we will leave our analysis to three main theses:

1. The Success of our Republic requires the peaceful exchange of ideas between participants in the process of government.

2. It is not just the right of the people to question their leaders—it is also their obligation. Particularly in a town where we have already seen one of our elected officials arrested, indicted, found guilty and sent to jail for official misconduct.

3. Simply put, both Adam Schneider and Brian Unger know better.

If one or both of these men cannot get a hold of their proverbial horses and start acting like grown ups and individuals deserving of holding an office of public trust they owe it to themselves and to the people of the City of Long Branch to resign.

It is that serious, guys.

We cannot and will not tolerate behavior that is this outrageous from our public officials. People you BOTH consider to be your friends and supporters will absolutely abandon that support if you denigrate our municipal government to the point where police officers are needed to keep the peace between you.

We deserve better. And you damn well know it.

So either get it together right now or resign so we can fill your seat with someone who knows how to conduct themselves in a manner reflective of the sacred trust we the people place in those selected to run our government.



Anonymous said...

Adam may not like Brian and Brian may be a liar, but they are both acting like CHILDREN. They are becoming the laughing stock of the county.

Pull your shit together and act professional for Pete's sake.

And you are right, if one or both of them can't manage that, one or both of them ought to resign. This is complete B.S.

Anonymous said...

These two need to grow up.

One would think that two lifelong politicians would be able to purport themselves as something other than children.

guy on the bike said...

The city better wake up and get involved in the next election. I have observed the council meetings and I would rather sit in Insurance seminars for hours then listen to the public portion of the meeting. I do not agree with Eminent Domain. I feel the victim's that fall under this should be compensated 150% over their appraised home. These huge comglomerates certainly will still turn a profit. But regrettfully Unger is not the answer. Can you get a straight answer out of him? Everything is this longated, rambling indecisive answer. I can't be the only one that has noticed this. I wish the MTOTSA people luck and just compensation. And you will need it if Unger is leading the charge and by his side, the renter, the proofreader, the financial analyst and the guy on the bike....

Anonymous said...

Unger is a known quantity, he has had a "truth problem" for as long as I have known him. The fact is that he has been trying to undermine the city by atacking employees and at the same time approaching others couvertly to prevent any progress.
We have seen tremendous progress over the past 12 years, and now we suddenly have a permanent campaign.
It is time that he step aside and allow someone to be a "Councilman" He is obviously not the person for the job.

Anonymous said...

The problem in this city is a corrupt administration that has been in office far too long. Term limits cleaning house every 4 years would do the job. It seems to me Brian Unger has been the first member of City Council to question this political machine and he is catching hell for it.