Friday, May 16, 2008

Volunteer EMT's Keeping Long Branch Safe

The Atlanticville ran an important letter to the editor this week regarding National Emergency Medical Services Week. Volunteer EMTs help the community in many ways, not the least of which providing a critical municipal service at little cost to the communtiy.

Long Branch has two official first aid squads (Long Branch First Aid and Elberon First Aid) and an unofficial one (Hatzolah) that primarily serves the ever growing Jewish Community in the Elberon section and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Long Branch First Aid Squad has both a career and volunteer component but is primarily a career emergency medical service. The squad receives a small donation from the city budget but funds the bulk of its operations from payments from their patient's insurance companies and donations made by many civic minded citizens throughout the city.

Elberon and Hatzolah are both volunteer squads. All of their officers and members are volunteers--average citizens like you and me who have families, regular jobs, hobbies, etc., but still attend regular training and meetings that make them unpaid professional medical professionals who respond to our medical emergencies 24-7-365. Elberon receives a small donation from the city budget but funds the bulk of their operations through the generous donations of citizens and businesses who understand the importance of supporting these critical volunteers.

We should support these great people at all times but, more importantly, we should join their ranks. Volunteering makes you feel great, and saving lives must feel event better. We challenge all of our readers to become volunteers in one aspect of Long Branch's civic life. Why not become a volunteer EMT?

Call (732) 988-9110 for more information.

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