Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rumors from City Hall

INITIAL REPORT: A hot rumor from employees in city hall. Reporters have been snooping all over city hall today with talk of a scandal in the Schneider Administration. The Asbury Park Press is involved in the brewing news story, along with other unidentified news outlets.

Stay tuned for more, most likely after employees leave work at 4:30.

UPDATE No. 1 - 11:35 PM, Wednesday

Apparently, the net has been thrown wide and both big and little fish have been caught. The only question now becomes, when do the feds haul in the net?

More questions than answers at this point, but the rumor mill indicates that an ordinance was introduced that later inexplicably disappeared from the face of the Earth that would have changed the ability to development a certain piece of land that is/was owned by a member of the city council (current or past, we do not yet know, but we do know that it was done within the last five years.)

Apparently, there is also a component of fraud in the taking/purchasing of this land that involves the Mayor and at least two council members and likely several municipal employees.

Finally, this all appears linked to a topic that has recently been before the Planning Board. The only thing the LBA knows for a fact that has been before the Board is the proposed changes to Strollo's Lighthouse and we only know that because of the hullabulloo caused by Long Branch Planning Board Vice Chairman Edward Thomas. One can only wonder if the ripple effects of a dumb comment will cause huge waves in the Presidential City. . .

Stay tuned. . .

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