Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pallone, Lautenberg and Long Branch's Role in U.S. Politics

PolitickerNJ.com has an interesting article covering an interview with Long Branch's Favorite Son Representative Frank Pallone, Jr. who is firmly behind Senator Frank Lautenberg's campaign to win first the Democratic Primary and then the General Election for U.S. Senate.

The LBA is happy to see that our own Congressman is so closely aligned with our U.S. Senator, but we wonder what will happen to our little congressional district if Congressman Andrews wins the Primary Election? Will we be the bastard stepchild of the New Jersey Congressional Districts? Will we now play third fiddle to the South Jersey Dems and North Jersey Dems?

It is clear that Congressman Pallone is shrewdly lining himself into the role of "Heir Apparent." This role has served him well in the past as then-Congressman Jim Howard's Heir Apparent. When Congressman Howard died, the family practically held a coronation for Frank to take the shore seat. Of course, one can only imagine that if something should happen to force Lautenberg from the race, Pallone would be well positioned to bear the party standard as well.

Certainly, nothing but good could come from Pallone's ascendency to the Senate Seat but a lot of harm could come from backing the wrong horse before then. Senator Lautenberg is a good and decent man who has served this state with honor for many many years but there is something called "too much of a good thing." The arguments about Lautenberg's age may not be delicate but they certainly are unavoidable. The last time the LBA saw him in person, the good Senator seemed less-than robust, a little delicate even. His mind was sharp and that twinkle was still in his eye, but he just didn't seem. . . "senatorial" anymore.

Here is to hoping that Congressman Frank and Senator Frank know what they are doing.

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