Sunday, May 25, 2008

Art in the Park

Today is Art in the Park from 10 AM until 6 PM at the West End Park on Brighton Ave. The LBA hits this event every year and we love it. Admittedly, we chuckle at the eclectic collection of "art" in the park but we love the idea and the event itself.

We believe that kudos go to LBA favorite Barry Stein, Assistant Director of Community Development for the city (and Long Branch's very own concert promoter, master planner and perennial campaigner-in-chief) for helping to make the idea come to reality. We could be wrong about that and if we are we will gladly correct the mistake and give Barry credit for something else.

In any event, a lot of people and organizations come together to make this event a success including the Chamber of Commerce, the Historical Association, the Arts Council, among others. Thanks to all for their work making Long Branch such a great place.

If you have never been to Art in the Park, you are missing one of the coolest "no obligation, no fuss, no muss" things we do in Long Branch. Go be a part of something!

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