Friday, May 16, 2008

Advocating a Better Long Branch - Now and In the Future

Welcome! This is the first posting of our new blog, "The Long Branch Advocate." The LBA is dedicated to the proposition that the City of Long Branch is a great city, full of talented people, wonderful neighborhoods and great potential. This blog will reflect on the life and times of the City of Long Branch--and with your insights, feedback, input and ideas, perhaps together we can help Long Branch realize that potential.

So, lets examine how we can accomplish that.

First of all, this is not a political blog. I am sure we will discuss politics but we will not assume a political position on candidates or parties. That does not mean politicians will get a pass here--much the opposite. Good politicians with good intentions will be applauded while poor politicians with poor intentions will be jeered. As with all things political, that means politicians who are applauded this week may very well be jeered next week.

Second, this will be a forum for covering community events of all types but community events that do not advance the improvement of Long Branch may be discounted with the same enthusiasm as the good ones are endorsed.

Third, we believe that the organizations and institutions of the city are an important part of what the city was, is and will become. As such, we will examine the motivations, efforts, hopes and dreams of our important city institutions--public, private and not for profit. This includes such things as the Long Board of Education, Long Branch Free Public Library, Long Branch Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Schneider's Administration, the City Council, Developers, the Housing Authority, individual businesses, the many senior citizen groups, youth and athletic groups and the like. Obviously, we will rely on the reports of our readers to help keep us informed.

Fourth, we will not tolerate, nor will we participate in, unwarranted personal attacks, particularly on non-public officials. So while we will post any comment that is contributing to the ongoing discussion here at the Long Branch Advocate we will not post any comment that is self serving, vicious or attacks without purpose or reason.

Fifth, Redevelopment and Eminent Domain are two seperate topics that are occassionally interrelated. We believe that redevelopment has been good for Long Branch but take no position on the use of Eminent Domain to achieve it. We should be discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of both topics. We can also discuss the pros and cons of building new schools, new parks and other capital projects.

Finally, we look to you, our fellow residents, to help us guide and develop this blog. We look to you for stories, ideas and topics of discussion--for togther, we are all Long Branch Advocates!

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Anonymous said...

As a long time LB resident, I am thrilled to find a rational, logical and fair voice regarding the general status of this town. Typically blogs/forums/opinion outlets attract the lowest common denominator of lunatics. Hopefully this will not be the case here.